Certain Rescue

Have you ever felt alone… truly alone … abandoned by all. Rejected and unloved by those who are supposed to love… utterly and completely alone?

It’s as if you are adrift in an ocean of water… being tossed, no… beaten and thrashed by angry pounding, relentless waves that are taking you farther… farther away from what you have known to a place of cold and darkest despair…

Only now do you realize that even if rescue were possible, who would brave the storm and pull you to safety. Who would come… No one will come…

Regrets torture your mind and consume your thoughts. A word, a deed, those ugly, evil things flash before your mind in endless succession… over and over… accusing, condemning… You are guilty.
You did it. We saw you. We all saw you. Guilty!

Aching arms and legs unable to move anymore and without will to fight, you surrender… giving in to the inevitable… Water envelops and takes you down, down, deeper into the black and murky depths… there is no light. You cannot see and your heart begins beating wildly within your chest… Caught in fear’s strong grip with end in sight, coughing, sputtering, you cry, “Please, someone help… Please… Please, help… me.

This is our fate… your destiny… my destiny. We are born to die after all and we somehow fool ourselves that we, I can escape it . Until one day… we realize that we are caught and darkness will not let go. Trapped, cornered and alone, being pulled down, down into the black and murky depths… we are helpless to stop it. It is hopeless for rescue, locked in fears icy grasp; we cry out.

But this is not the end as we suppose, The Lord God… The self-existent and eternal Being, the prevailing One, the all-conquering Hero is mighty to save. He will deliver you, He will deliver me from the power of darkness… from all the guilt, and from all the pollution of our sins that are drowning us in hopeless despair. Jesus, God in flesh, dwelt among us and came to rescue us and now we “behold His glory, the glory as of the only begotten Son of the Father, full of grace and Truth” (John 1: 14).

If you choose Him, He will forgive and heal and for evermore will be in the midst of His own (Zephaniah 3: 17). He, with the Father and the Holy Spirit “come unto us and make their abode in us” (John 14:23), so that we are “the temple of God.

He will save as He said, “My Father is greater than all, and no man is able to pluck them out of My Father’s hand. I and My Father are One” (John 10:29-30).

Christ and Isaiah said almost in the same words; “Strengthen weak hands and firm up feeble knees, Say to those with an anxious heart, Be strong, fear not, behold your God will come, He will come and save you” (Isaiah 35:3-4).

Today is the day of days, the anniversary of Christs’ passion, His death on the cross. Through His sacrifice, His passion for you is the day of salvation.

“In a time of favor, I have answered you; in a day of salvation I have helped you; I will keep you and give you as a covenant to the people, to establish the land, to apportion the desolate heritages,
Isa 49:9 saying to the prisoners, ‘Come out,’ to those who are in darkness (Isaiah 49: 8-9).

And then, thus saved “He will rejoice over us with peace, love, joy and with loud, exuberant singing” (Zephaniah 3: 17).

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