Hope For The Anthill

I have been traveling the last few weeks…
And while traveling about, I observed people… people running here and there, this way and that, going places. Traveling… traveling to visit family and friends… traveling to some exotic locale for a change of view… traveling to work, for business, or to start life anew….

I observed, most people would prefer not to think about the traveling, but to just be there… wherever there is supposed to be, but not here. We blaze trails, like ants scurrying forth from an ant hill. And yet, we are not alone. God is there… He sees and knows, although Gods’ agenda is not the same as ours.

2Chonicles 16:9 The LORD’S eyes scan the whole world to find those whose hearts are committed to him and to strengthen them. God’s Word translation

This little snippet of a verse has great insight and comfort. We are not alone… as we so often suppose. God is there.

Sometimes, when trapped… trapped in that dark cavern of grief… that pit of old, feeling alone, isolated and cut off, we doubt. We wonder… where God can be… the unthinkable has happened… How do we reconcile paralyzing feelings, with thoughts about Him, when hurt and pain are so tightly clutched in our sweaty human hands…?

From this promise in Chronicles, we can know that there is no corner of the expanse that is too dark or too distant, or too dismal for God. God is there and His heart, mind and eyes search for us. God is traveling to see if we are thinking of Him, loyal towards Him and looking for His rescue.

This promise also tells me that God knew there would be times that we, I, would doubt and need to be strengthened. It does not surprise God. He anticipated it, plans for it and gives us a word of peace and comfort. I AM is looking for you. How glorious, is this! The God of the Universe, infinite in wisdom and truth, all power and might, is traveling around the globe, to and fro intently seeking those who have a heart for Him. No matter who we are or where we are and when we travel and go places, God is searching for us… searching as only a Father has intent to do… searching for His child.

Maybe you have been traveling too. Per chance, did you and God meet… eyes look for a moment and then strength overwhelming…

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