Here I Am…

Here I am… seeking pilgrimage, attempting to climb the summit, longing to see a picturesque, panoramic view, but finding with each step, that the shale sends me slip, sliding back, far back into the valley, under heavy, dew-laden boughs, not overlooking them. What’s more, I hate the continuous drip, drip, dripping on my head. Those insidious water droplets that startle then run in steady streams down my forehead and obscure vision.

stock-footage-water-dripping-off-a-mossy-thatched-roof-with-forest-backgroundI know there is purpose in the valley and although at the moment, I am anxiously restless wishing to move forward… yet God says, “Be still and know” (Psalms 46: 10).

There is a universal theme to all of the Songs of Accent. It’s God.

I lift mine eyes (Ps 121; 123) … They that trust (Ps 125) ….If it hadn’t been (Ps 124) … Except for God (Ps 127) ….Blessed is everyone who obeys (Ps 128) …When God (Ps 126) Out of the depths I cried to (Ps 130). Yes, that’s it… God.

cloud forestGod may we seek you today and not get distracted by mere rain drops. May you build the house (Psalms 127: 1) … living stones built into a spiritual house (1 Peter 2: 5), and a tabernacle for your glory (2 Cor 5: 1).

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