Coffee in the Desert

TentsA few years ago a Follower of Jesus, frustrated with the limited success he was having in spreading the gospel in [Oman], decided to go where no one else dared to go. The road was long and tiresome, and he had plenty of time to chat with God. Not knowing the area and people, he was concerned about how they would react, and asked God to guide him. As he drove into the village, he saw men sitting, chatting and drinking coffee. He walked toward the group and before he could take a seat, an elderly man invited him for a cup of coffee. The Follower accepted the offer and silently thanked God for the swift response to prayer.

oman_12_bThe man introduced himself as Ali and asked that the Follower come with him. Walking at a quick pace they took a narrow road that led them into a valley. Eventually they stopped beneath a tree where Ali took out a small pot, filled it with water, and then buried it in the warm sand saying that it would take “just a few minutes” for the water to boil.

While the men were chatting a scrap of a book lodged in a tree branch caught the Followers eye. Ali told him that it was a book of stories saying that he loved reading them, and regularly told them to his visitors; adding that many returned to hear more stories.

Astonished, the Follower saw that it was a portion of the gospel; well-worn with many pages missing. Explaining to Ali that it was only a part of the Book he asked Ali if he would like the whole Book. Ali eagerly smiled in agreement. With a quick step, the Follower hurried back to his car to fetch a Bible. Returning to Ali’s “coffee shop” with the book clenched under his arm, he proudly presented Ali with his new Bible.

(Re-posted from One With Them Devotional: Open Doors)

Zephaniah 3:9
“Then I will change the people of the nations, and they will pray to me alone and not to other gods. They will all obey me”.

Today I ask that You smile down on Muslim peoples. Bless them, give them favor, and guide their paths with Your everlasting light. Grant Your dear ones understanding of Your truths and Your ways, guide their feet into the glory of Your Love.
As they ask of You, give. As they seek, reveal, and as they knock, open Your doors of mercy and grace. Grant them peace, discernment and strength. Give them a vision of Your life-mission. Draw them to Yourself more and more.

Thank You for what You are going to do. Thank you for the bond You have established between us. Give us more desire to reach out and spend time together. إن شاء الله

We present all of these petitions to You our God, Ar-Raḥmān, Al-Malik, followers of Isa al Masih, my Lord.” Amen

Bedouin_family-Wahiba_SandsAdditional Prayers
• We pray for Muslims all around the world who are praying and fasting during Ramadan. Help them to find you as they seek a spiritual refreshing.,

• We pray that You would give us a heart of love for Muslim peoples.

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