A Prayer…

Well God, here we are… its Monday morning. It’s dark and quiet except for a jubilant chorus of birds outside. No doubt, robins praising you for the feast of worms they are enjoying in the misty morning twilight.

I wanted to write something that would inspire; give hope; draw people to you, but when I pursue it, nothing is farther from the truth. So, I will just pray.

thinking-people-collage1There are people who are empty, lonely, searching, Abba Father and my dear Lord Jesus. You see them, running here and there. They have lost their way, and yet they are seeking still. I pray that they will find You. You are truth. You are mercy. You are love. I pray they will see Your goodness and decide to taste and eat. Holy Lord Jesus draw all men unto Yourself. Draw the architect and builder as they lean over their drawings. Draw the student reading in a dusty library. Draw the accountant balancing the ledgers. Draw the shop keeper waiting on customers. Draw the doctor sitting in his office managing health. And please draw the one surfing the internet, who finds himself, herself here.

Holy God, these ones, need You. We need You. Show us Your tender love. Touch and melt our hearts towards you. Show us that You have been here all the time, watching and waiting. Let us know and taste Your forgiving love. Quicken them. Quicken us. Awaken us to You.

Turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity, And quicken me in thy ways. Psalm 119:37

And when we have been startled out of slumber, clean and new, we will praise You.

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