A Tale of Two Cousins

Near-East-Bible-OM-Kathryn-BerryOur Father God is at work in the North Africa – Middle East region. He uses many different tools such as dreams and visions to draw people to Himself, but His most prevalent tools are Jesus Followers who live and share their lives amongst the people groups or work in locales, such as colleges, sharing His Word and story. Very often an individual will hear the Good News and then tell their family what they have learned. Ahba is one such individual.

Although many of her countrymen have never heard the true story about Jesus, even once, Ahba and her family have heard about Him many times.

hijabs-for-muslim-girlsBeing the oldest of ten children, when her mother died, Ahba was sent from her village to live with an uncle in the city; she was to study, work, and send money back to the family. While in college, Ahba and her cousin Bahatha first heard about Jesus; God in flesh, sent to cleanse shame and restore spiritual relationship through His death and resurrection. The girls met a foreign lady who told them the difference Jesus had made in her life. Although they were unconvinced, a deep friendship was formed. They had many conversations and one day they were given a Bible to read and discover if what she had said was true.

Although the entire family are very committed Muslims, Bahatha had a desire to understand about Isa al Masih and the differences that were apparent in those that follow Christ.  Ahba loved the foreigners she met, but had little desire any religion, but her own.  As Bahatha and Ahba were finishing college, their foreign friends left the country.  Bahatha found work with the government that allowed her to have occasional interaction with other foreigners; she often asked them questions about their beliefs. Ahba found work at a hospital where she was introduced to a believer she had met years before. Bahatha also had the opportunity again to ask questions about what she had been reading in the Bible. Ahba was interested in understanding how Followers of Isa al Masih interact with God. Ahba also loves listening to Christian music.

  • Please pray that these women will see the Truth of God’s gift to them.
  • Please pray that God will bring full understanding to those in this country who have heard the Truth.
  • Please pray that many more will hear it for the first time.
  • Please pray for God to send more workers into the harvest.


…”The harvest is large, but the workers are few. So ask the Lord who gives this harvest to send workers to harvest his crops.”  Matthew  9:37-38

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