Al-taschith – Destroy not

psalms-57-1I love Psalm 57. It is a great psalm. It is my belief that all the wisdom for life can be found in this one small psalm. “All the wisdom of life”, you say? Well, all the wisdom for the New Year can be revealed in reading Psalm 57.

Let me explain…

I have heard it said that the sum of all wisdom and the answer to life’s questions can be found in the movie, The Godfather. “What should I pack for my summer vacation? “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.” What day of the week is it? “Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday” (Godfather, 1980’s).

I don’t know, call me obvious, but for Followers of Christ, following the advice of gangsters is never very wise. It is so easy for us to take on the culture in which we live and forget we are foreigners; citizens of another land.

Anyways, getting back to it… just for a moment and that’s all it will take, ponder the philosophy behind the phrase, “Go to the mattresses”. What does that mean? “You’re at war?” ‘It’s not personal, it’s business. ‘Recite that to yourself every time you feel you’re losing your nerve. I know you worry about being brave, this is your chance. Fight. Fight to the death” (You’ve Got Mail, 1998).

In Psalms 57 we are encouraged, when surrounded by enemies, cry mercy. When surrounded by foes, cry mercy. Mercy not just for self i.e. ‘selfies’, but mercy for enemies and foes alike. We forget when we are uncomfortable, cold, alone in some dark cave, these enemies and foes are NOT under the protection of God. They do not have God’s favor, His presence; they do not know our God; have not experienced the refuge; the warmth and shelter under Gods wing. Cry mercy for our God is strong to save. He can save them. He can bring rescue. He will redeem.

Yesterday, I found myself in a predicament that required God’s wisdom and direction. Backed in a corner or proverbial cave and seemingly surrounded by foes (I may be a bit dramatic), my first response was take care of “selfie”. But God…

But God today revealed in Psalms 57, His mercy. David prayed for Saul and cried, Al-taschith – Destroy not! Praise God, His mercies are new every morning, I can repent and begin again.

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