Awe & Wonder

Day 1: God Made You!

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” (Psalms 139:14)

There is wonder in the beauty of God’s works. “Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well”.  Every heart craves the wonder of God.  We are drawn to Him because there is an endlessness to His beauty.  It is inexhaustible, and will be, for all eternity.

Children are especially drawn to God’s wonders.  As adults, we generally walk through God’s world of wonders with blinders on, fingers in our ears, ever distracted, missing everything from the simple elegance of a pebble in the garden, to the morning rays illuminating the sparkling brilliance of dew drop suspended on a spider’s web (or rose petal if you don’t like bugs).  Not so for a child, they take it all in; curious, ever exploring, eager to see, hear, taste and touch.  From the crown of their little heads, to the ends of their piggy toes, children are finely, delicately, and exquisitely made; one can only conclude that the finger of God is still on earth.

Thank you, Holy Father, for making children.  They teach us to actively seek the wonder and beauty of You.  Help us to tell them Your story, God of wonders.  Help us to love, not only the tender-hearted, kind and quiet children, but also the ever-busy and loud children who may need extra love, attention and much mercy.  Help the VBS workers to demonstrate as well as tell the children of Your love, goodness and benevolence.  We praise You for sending Jesus, for it is through and by Him that we have constant access to Your throne; access to the riches of Your grace and the treasures of Your love.  We intercede, specifically for the children in Pennsylvania who are vulnerable, marginalized and/or forgotten.   We pray that they will receive access to you via VBS and the church.  Help them to learn that they have a Father in heaven who loves unconditionally, who has made many wonderful promises, who and is waiting for them to climb into His lap and call Him Abba, Daddy.  Amen.









Additional prayers

  • Thanking God that VBS provides a forum for God to love children
  • Teach the body of Christ to demonstrate that children are honored by God, reverently made and deserving of a spiritual inheritance.
  • For children to learn that God made them and has a plan for their lives.
  • For blessings upon blessings to be lavished on the children who attend VBS in the Nursery. For spiritual mercies, new each day to be poured on their teachers, helpers, and their families.  For all who will be in the Nursery to feel God’s tender and gentle love; a love that will never die or fade away; a forever, living love that will hold them even to eternity.


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