Blessed to Bless…the crendendo of the Songs of Accent.

cherryblossom1Psalm 134, is the last Song of Accent and how fitting it is to be the last, our finale of praise saved for Easter morning, the day of remembrance, the day resurrection. This psalm is a song of blessing… and who among us does not want a blessing or to abound in blessings!

The psalm begins by calling us, encouraging us, mandating us towards adoration, it says, “Praise the LORD, all you servants of the LORD!

More than not, we forget our blessings and that we are blessed! We are reminded here that blessed and blessings are to be the two words which describe the lives of those who follow Christ, Messiah, God in flesh (John 1: 14). It is a great privilege to bless the Lord…. To be a servant of the Living, Holy, Omniscient God! It is an incalculable honor, a blessing beyond all estate. cherry blossoms 2

“Praise the LORD, ALL you servants of the LORD!” (Psalms 134: 1)

There are those that God calls out to during the watches of the night… Once awake, and again, more than not, it is not a welcomed call to leave warmth and comfort to go out into the cold, darkness of night. But here, we see our loving and merciful God encouraging and calling ALL who stand in the house of the LORD night after night, to bless.

Anna was such a person (Luke 2:36-38). Her devotion was constant for more than 70 years, night and day, the time did not matter and in her obedience and faithfulness to listen, she saw holy God, Christ revealed. This blessing was not just a personal one due her because of obedience, as we would imagine. No, Anna knew that because she was blessed, her response was to share God’s goodness and to bless. Anna knew all those who God had been drawing; she knew all those who were waiting for rescue and she went to them, blessing them so that they could be set free. Blessed and blessing are to be the two words which describe our lives.

And as the Songs of Accent come to close, the words crescendo with a blessing. God reminds us of who He is. God is not as man, fickle or complacent. He is faithful and eternal and He blesses with covenant love.

“May the LORD, the maker of heaven and earth, bless you from Zion” (Psalm 134: 3).

cherry-blossom-wallpaper_e2aw33gcThese words are the same as another well known blessing. The blessing is almost as old as time itself; A doxology if you will; pronounced by obedient priests at every gathering of the people called of God: “May the Lord bless you and keep you! May the Lord make his face shine on you, and be gracious to you! May the Lord look to you and give you peace!” (Numbers 6:24-26).

And so it is to you; my prayer for you this glorious day of remembrance… you are blessed to bless.

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