In Between: Fear of Letting Go

Snow trailThe other day I ran across the most interesting confession written by Mike Yaconelli.  His words describe my thoughts and feelings exactly…with a large dash of hope.

So here I stand, looking at the ground, smelling the faint fragrance of God. Never once did it occur to me that when I found God’s trail again, it would ruin my life forever-for once you feel the breath of God on your skin, you can never turn back, you can never settle for what was, you can only move on recklessly, with abandon, your heart filled with fear, your ears ringing with the constant whisper, “Fear Not”.

Once you find where the trail is, you are faced with a sobering truth – in order to go on, you must let go of what brought you here. You cannot go on without turning your back on what brought you to this place.

It is like swinging on a trapeze. Once you have gained the courage to swing, you never want to let go… and then, without warning, you look up and see another trapeze swinging toward you, perfectly timed to meet you, and you realize you are being asked to let go and grab onto the other trapeze. You have to release your grip.Trapeze_1_bh You have to reach out. You have to experience the glorious terror of inbetween-ness as you disconnect from one and reach for the other.
This past year has been a time of letting go, one finger at a time, and these last few weeks have been a terrifying weightlessness, a wait-less-ness, a paralyzing stretch for the unknown. I haven’t reached the other bar yet. I am somewhere in between, but I can tell you this: [today] my heart is filled with an exhilaration, and anxious anticipation that just as I get to the other bar I will not grasp it, but I will instead be grasped by the hand of God.

I can hardly wait. Mike Yaconelli

Lord Y’eshua thank you for your wondrous and faithful grasp. You always hold me tightly, especially when I am afraid. I pray for those who don’t know you. Please draw them to Yourself. Let them taste and see, for you are Goodness. You are the One and Only, the beginning and the end of our faith, our lovely God. Amen

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