God’s Scrapper…

The last couple of weeks, you may have noticed, my absence… where is the blogger? Bloggers are supposed to write blogs, right? There are supposed to be new words written down via electronic magic, right, and mine have not been forthcoming… Unless of course, you didn’t notice at all and you wonder how in the world could someone be so full of themselves to imagine that their blog, their words, their thoughts, their walk with the Lord, are the most important thing to the lives of a multitude of others… well, on that note, let me start again. Pardon.

Ummm… As you may have imagined, I have been consumed with an issue… It’s a conflict and I have been trying to sort it out. I have been thinking and thinking about it, from all sides…as if thinking about something for an extended period of time could actually change perspective… My thoughts will never be His thoughts (Isaiah 55:9). So then, if you are like me, you consult people you trust…who will listen… people who you deem wise and experienced in such things… you know, your family… and yet, something is missing… And then you slap your head, “thinking I could have had a V8”, because you remember that it’s only when you come to the Lord do you really see the global or eternal perspective you have been searching for…

I have been embroiled in a battle. Being a scrapper from way back and while in the carnal state, I perceive battles as a challenge. One must be courageous and fight. I don’t particularly enjoy fighting them, as some do, but once in them, I don’t back down! I hate to admit, I usually can find a solution to the conflict, either by direct confrontation, my favorite or through manipulation, my resort.

The Early Years
Growing up I can remember a favorite saying of My mother… I remember she used to say it all the time in reference to my brothers and myself. She said, “Fight your own battles”. Talk about giving a child their wildest dreams! So obviously, we mistook her words to mean, ALL is fair in love and war. My mother being a conscientious parent and well read, but a single mother left with 3 young children to raise in an era before the glass ceiling had cracked for women, became a hard and fast follower of Dr. Benjamin Spock. He being most popular and most likely made the best seller list, wrote a book entitled, How to Discipline your Children. Not wanting to undermine our self-esteem, my mother determined from her reading not to practice traditional discipline per se, but felt we would be better served by expressing ourselves since our motives were good and pure most of the time… Not! You could say that the adage of my formative years was… Live Long and Don’t Spank.

(Work calls. I will continue tomorrow… until tomorrow.)

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