How to Join Muslims In Prayer During Ramadan

BAHRAIN-RELIGION-ISLAM-RAMADANAs sunset, Sha’ban, the 8th month of the Islamic calendar (June 5th 2016 on the Gregorian Calendar), will end and Ramadan will begin.  Many Muslims have already started fasting and praying.  With hopeful hearts, looking to the heavens in eager anticipation of a crescent moon, they faithfully pray for a miracle!

In the book of Isaiah, God tells us that one day…

“No longer will the sun be your light by day or the moon be your light by night; I, the LORD, will be your eternal light; The light of my glory will shine on you. Your days of grief will come to an end. I, the LORD, will be your eternal light, more lasting than the sun and moon.”

There once was such a man who received a miracle…

Hussein met a stranger at a coffee shop.  Hussein told the man he was studying Sharia to become an Imam.  As they talked Hussein became aware that the man was Follower of Jesus.  “Who is this Christ—a prophet, the Son of God, or God?”, Hussein asked. The man quickly answered with this story.

In a town named Sychar, there was a very deep, old well.  Jesus, tired out by a long journey, sat down by the well. It was about noon. A woman came to draw some water, and Jesus said to her, “Give me a drink of water.”  The woman answered, “… how can you ask me for a drink?” (She believed Jesus would not use the same cups and bowls that she used.) Jesus answered, “If you only knew what God gives and who it is that is asking you for a drink, you would ask him, and he                                                                                                                                                                                   would Samaritan Woman_2give you life-giving water.” “Sir,” the woman said, “you don’t have a bucket, and the well is deep. Where would you get that life-giving water? It was our ancestor Jacob who gave us this well; he and his children and his flocks all drank from it. You don’t claim to be greater than Jacob, do you?” Jesus answered, “Those who drink this water will get thirsty again, but those who drink the water that I will give them will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give them will become in them a spring which will provide them with life-giving water and give them eternal life.” “Sir,” the woman said, “give me that water! Then I will never be thirsty again, nor will I have to come here to draw water.” … After much dialog, the woman then said to him, “I know that the Messiah (God) will come, and when he comes, he will tell us everything.” Jesus answered, “I am he, I who am talking with you.”

As Hussein listened silently, the stranger explained that in Islam, God is not relational and doesn’t take the image of a man, but with Jesus, Messiah, God in flesh, He is personal, multi- dimensional, has personality, speaks, and is the living God. He read from the Quran, seeing for the first time that Jesus Messiah is called the Word and Light.  Hussein was amazed.  For over 1,500 years Muslims have been faithfully praying for Messiah… Hussein now knows that God has already answered this prayer.

2016cover_hiresAs Muslims faithfully fast and pray for the next 30 days, lets join them in prayer.  Let’s pray that they will find the true Light, the light of glory, Jesus Messiah the Eternal light.

Thank you holy Messiah, that You are light. Your character and very being is light, the light of revelation. Before knowing and having relationship with You, we didn’t know Your light or Your love. Thank you for revealing light and love by becoming flesh, walking on the earth, to die willingly, courageously, and zealously so that we could be forgiven of the shame we carry. We don’t have to work for it, earn it, or strive endlessly trying to obtain it. We only have to accept and dwell in Your love; the love You offered freely through the cross. You died even though we were dirty and covered in the filth that we so love to roll in. You died for us, as we mockingly yelled insults at You; our mouths full and dripping with the muck of insatiable appetite. Yet, You loved, dying while we were still enemies to You. Most of the Bible is filled with stories of people who hated you…even Your friends did not listen or call to You. It is hard to understand that you would love us, even after all this. But you did love and continue to love.

We pray for our brothers and sisters who as yet, do not know you. We pray for that You will reveal and shine Your light, Christ into the darkness, as You promised so long ago. Please end their days of grief and loss while waiting and looking up to a darkened sky. Shine forth your true light of Grace, Jesus Messiah. Please redefine the miracle with Your truth. Thank you Jesus Christ, our Lord for what you will do. We eagerly wait.



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