I Am Unto Death a Christian

Today is the first day of prayer for the persecuted church. And to honor the occasion, I wanted to repost a video, about Fatima. Fatima, a fellow blogger and Christian shared her faith openly and unashamedly in a Muslim country. Her story, retold in this video, I will entitle, as she did her last blog, “I’m in big trouble”.

Fatima said, “Jesus Christ is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear”.
By its very essence, Christianity is defined by the character and nature of Christ-Messiah. Risk-taking means stepping out of one’s comfort zone; giving up rights and denying self so that in love, others will hear the good news that there is a God in heaven who left it, just to show us; reveal to us, Himself; God in flesh.

muslim womanWhen people live under the grip of darkness; sin; they believe darkness has won; there is no hope; no real joy; no answers only questions. We, Followers of Christ; Followers of the way, have the answer.
Fatima said, “I am unto death a Christian”. Will you say it? Will you do it? Will you say and do as Fatima said and did?

Pray for the persecuted church. Not to be silent, but for boldness to speak.

Pray for the church in North America. Pray… that in our weakness, Christ will make us strong. For we are weak, sick and puny. Only prayer can make us strong; strong in the Savior’s love for those in darkness.

Spirit of the living God fall fresh on me. Melt me; mold me; fill me; use me, for I want to be used.

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