I See The Light

Rather unexpectedly, this weekend I fell in love…

Remember that giddy, heart throbbing… almost nauseous feeling that sweeps over you… exciting every nerve, causing mind and body to tingle with electricity and feeling young, vibrant, alive. I was taken aback… love. Really? …love at my age.

Oh, it’s not what you think. No, not at all what many would think…This is a love that transcends human love… the love of a man for a woman or vise versa… its love rediscovered… my first love for Messiah, Savior, Abba Father, and Lord.

Love is found in such unexpected places… Communing with him on the mountain top has been life changing…It is funny really, how an ordinary event can become life changing… God reached down from heaven and reminded me what it was like to see him anew. To see Him… I AM on the mountain.

There was a time when Jesus took three of his closest friends up the mountain and in the dark of the night, they awoke to the reality of the Incarnate Christ (Luke 9: 28-43). This mountain top experience was important for them and for the future. God specifically invited them to go with him and stay there for a time.

After reading this story in Luke a very wise man said, “The Lord doesn’t want any leader in the valley, who hasn’t first been on the mountain” (Bruce Raley).

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