If A Heart Is Fixed On God…

distraction-quoteThe last blog posted, I didn’t finish my thought; stopped rather abruptly and did not communicate in a coherent way at all. Of course, that was not my intent.

I got distracted …. Distracted by a matter that should have been left to lie. I wonder if distraction is one of the most powerful and prevalent tools used by the enemy today. Why do we feel we have to address every issue that comes our way, right at the moment it occurs? Is it pride; arrogance, believing we are the only one in all the world that can solve it? Is it the challenge of taking on a complex puzzle, meticulously analyzing, dissecting and sorting out the pieces, every little nuance while getting a thrill or some perverse pleasure, like a game of chess? I think many of us would be very good at chess, as we have been playing for years, except without board or pieces.

Folly, folly this too is folly. Please excuse the side-bar; again distracted. Maybe I need some of those meds people take to help with ADHD or ADD; whatever they are calling it these days; hyperactive-impulsive and inattentive…. Okay enough.

dv1535099I read a discussion this morning on Facebook and then the blog for which the discussion originated and I was immediately intrigued because it was about where I wanted to go with Psalms 57. To sum up the discussion, the question was, “Why don’t People Sing in Church Anymore?”

distractionIf I were to make an assumption, it is because we get distracted. Distractions can come in many forms and the enemy knows which ones we like best. And these distractions can be like the proverbial carrot. Without discipline, we go for it every time. This alone is food for thought…. If we are not focused on God, talking continuously to God i.e. prayer, we are not thankfully joyful and we don’t feel like singing.

In my last blog I claimed that all the wisdom for the New Year is revealed in Psalm 57 and for me, it is true. My pastor mentioned a Psalm for the New Year which mentioned singing. I thought he had used a different Psalm, but when I just confirmed in my notes this morning, it was this one. Sorry Pastor, I unintentionally, unconsciously, plagiarized your sermon. I was inspired to do a bible search for the word “sing” and of the some 70 something verses, I liked Psalm 57.

Psalms 57: 7 says that if my heart is fixed on God, I will sing. God inspired the Psalmist to further say in verse 9, that the Holy Spirit will then quicken me to sing amongst the nations. This is my goal for 2014. This is what I want for the New Year. I want to sing wherever and whenever aka amongst the nations. I told my Sunday School class way back in December that my New Year resolution was just this… to focus my prayers so that I would become a yielded, obedient, praising temple for God’s shekinah glory to dwell.

Shekinah glory? Yes, I want God’s presence, the indwelling of Christ leading me; I want to abide. This is what the ancients were so excited about. When the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost everything changed. It wasn’t an exclusive club anymore that only Moses, Abraham, Elijah, and David were inducted into. We all can be a card-carrying members. And it is in Christ, that we have access to the Holy Spirit who will change our hearts during prayer and singing which results in yielding. David knew this. Prayer and song were the vehicles to take him to the yielding part. He starts off in a bad state of mind and then his focus changes and he yields. If you don’t believe me, look for yourself.

For the New Year, I hope you will join us in letting prayer and song take you to new areas of spiritual growth and transformation. Blessings to you!

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