I am reading this incredible book… Let me say it again… I am reading this really incredible book! No, that’s not exactly right. What I meant to say was, I am reading this book and I feel God’s presence so strongly that it is truly INCREDIBLE! Yes, that’s more like it.

I feel so inspired! Like a kid is a candy store with a debit card fully loaded and ready for scanning! Or better yet, have you ever seen a 5 year old boy who has just been set loose after being cooped up in an airplane on one of those 16
or 18 hour international flights… Pure joy!

As I read through… pray through… I have to keep pinching myself so that I don’t run off like my enthusiastic young friend in the airport lobby and in the throes of full jubilation run into a wall or trip mid-leap, fall flat, face down buried as it were one foot under. I sometimes do that too, young man, and it’s not very pretty for me either!

So what is this book… you wonder… Hmmm… I am not sure I want to say. Because I know if I tell you right off the bat, if you are anything like me, you will say to yourself… “Interesting” and that will be the end to it. What fun would that be?

So I think, perhaps… I will just talk about what I am feeling as I read it and share some of the ways, it seems God is speaking to me… leading me to pray through… and when I am finished, you may be able to guess the name of the book. Yes… that sounds more fun! However, if you are in my Sunday School class, no cheating… You mustn’t tell. It’s our secret… at least for now. And I don’t think I have posted the title of this book, but if I have… no cheating! We must savor this little game… just for a time and I bet you will be able to guess the name by the second post anyways… So there!

Did you ever play that game while stuck in a car or other tightly enclosed space waiting to be released when you had just eaten like 10 Snickers bars or Reecies Peanut Butter cups? The game is called, “Riddle me, Riddle me, Ree”. It goes like this… and you must sing it.

“Riddle me, Riddle me, Ree. I see something you don’t see. Riddle me, Riddle me, Ree, and the color is X”. And you have to guess what you spy by the color. The color of the object must be prominent in the room and it must not be too obvious. Well, my little game will be sort of like that.

“Riddle me, Riddle me, Ree. I see something you don’t see. Riddle me, Riddle me, Ree, and the color is… prayer”.

So what say you?

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