It’s A Good Day to Trust In A Promise

Hi Ho!
Been workin’ and traveling… will leave again this weekend, but wanted to tell you about another wonderful book… it was given to me to read leisurely on a Sunday afternoon outing to the beach… light reading, per chance… inspiration for the coming week. But this book is anything, but light and not for the faint at heart… and yet, the words so perfectly expressed my new journey towards rekindling first love for God.

However, before I begin about the book, I do want to say that God gives us many promises in His word and I am determined to desperately cling to this one, “When you look for me, you will find me. When you wholeheartedly seek me, I will let you find me, declares the LORD” (Jeremiah 29: 13-14). Today, yesterday and tomorrow, my declaration, my heart’s desire above all other pursuits is to seek God. In sickness and health, I am determined to seek Him. In much and in need, I will seek Him. While under azure skies filled with fluffy fair-weather cumulus or beaten, battered and bruised by the raging storm in tossing tempest, I will seek Him. In your own spiritual journey, you too can determine to seek God and make this promise you’re battle cry. It is a good day to trust… to trust in a promise.

Okay, back to the book… the book is called, The Path of Loneliness. Loneliness… Loneliness is not the path that most of us would choose nor purposely journey towards… But there is more you must know… and I hate to tell you outright… wanting to shield you…prepare you with platitudes to soften the blow a bit before disclosure… well, I guess there is no time like the present so, here goes… it was written by Elisabeth Elliot. I know. I know… I know what you’re thinking… Elisabeth Elliot? Yes, she is the one who called her life before marriage, the gift of singleness while dreadfully desiring marriage almost more than Christ. Almost… but not quite. She is also the one after waiting and waiting finally experienced the gift of marriage, then shortly after, the gift of widowhood, then the gift of marriage, and again widowhood and back once again yet one more time… it was the very same, Elisabeth Elliot. But honestly, Elisabeth Elliot, who better to give encouragement and exhortation than she? Elisabeth Elliot is someone who, like Paul, actually experienced Godly contentment in all situations (Phil 4: 11).

Oh my, it has gotten late and work is calling…
But I don’t want to leave you without a teaser… Elisabeth tells us her secret and today I will end with wisdom. Tomorrow you will have to return to find out ‘the rest of the story’ as Paul Harvey used to say. Ms. Elliot tells us the way to contentment, the path of loneliness is “not only through acceptance of the situation but though making it an offering to God, who can transfigure it into something for the good of others (Elliot, 1988).

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