Looking At Clouds

Don’t you love to watch clouds… Yesterday was absolutely perfect for cloud watching… it really was.

My favorite clouds are the ones you see on bright sunny days that look like fluffy cotton… brilliantly-white, so bright that it hurts to look sometimes… floating leisurely in the currents of a heavenly sea. Maybe, some of the Wow-factor is due to the color contrast between the radiant white of the clouds and the saturated, deep azure of the sky… Regardless, I admit it… it melts me every time. To coin a line from a movie, “Beautiful, beautiful, wish you were here” (French Kiss, 1995).

There is an official term for these types of clouds, I discovered. They are called fair weather cumulus and further, did you know that they only have “a lifetime of 5 to 40 minutes”! Wow, time flies for a cloud, I guess.

God likes clouds. He designed them, so it makes sense. Through-out the bible clouds are mentioned. It amazes and truly fascinates me … God actually inspired men to write down his thoughts about clouds in order for us… you… me, to know more about God… to know Him.

God uses clouds to represent himself. Interesting… God chose clouds as his symbol!
This really shouldn’t surprise us. The concept has been replicated in modern times. Movies and before that, comic books depicted a fictional character who was summoned by a beam of light flashed into the night sky to request rescue… Who was this hero? Batman, of course.

After the flood and because of Noah, God made a contract with him, the living creatures with them and with future generations. God told Noah that the proof of their contract would be a rainbow. The rainbow was God’s signature written in the sky for all to see. God said, “…when the rainbow is in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between [myself] and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth” (Genesis 9: 16).

God gave Noah and us, his signature for this contract. The rainbow is an everlasting sign to us, but more intriguing, is the fact that God put his signature in the clouds. He represents himself as a cloud. God wanted us to know He wrote it, just in case we forget or doubt or refuse to believe it. He wanted us to know that He is a God of rescue and he is still keeping his end of the agreement.

We still have rainbows, you know. And when you see it, God sees it. He still is in the hero business. He can provide rescue. He is not a fictional character or a figment of some ones imagination. He is real and he waits for you in the clouds…

You may not be convinced yet… so tune in again… tune in… same bat time, same bat channel… for more of God and clouds…


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