My name on the breeze…

Yesterday morning at early dawn, the sky was calling… and I could hear You say my name on a breeze heavy with fragrant Plumeria blossoms.

As bats swooped and fluttered for breakfast over head, I searched for You, Father, under outstretched arms of the sunlit canopy,

and with great wonder and delight in your goodness and beauty, you revealed yourself in a bubbling, babbling brook splashing along rocky bottom pools running faster, ever faster towards an effervescent, cascade of water.

The chiming of waters flow… reminded me of childhood and snow laden streams in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains and your deep, deep love calling, searching, reaching for me.

God’s searching love does call to everyone… and we may not hear it in a mountain stream or in a lush and exotic paradise, but He reaches out to us in ways that are tender and gentle… like the sigh a dove… in a small and quiet whispering voice (1 Kings 19: 11-12). I forget, sometimes, how deeply God loves us… all of us… all nations… and He is pursing, seeking, and wooing all of us unto Himself (Romans 16: 26; Revelation 22:2).

Today as I look into the little faces of beautiful Filipino children, I will look for the spark of God calling to them, pursing them as He did me and you. God is working here. This is a sacred and holy moment… It is your sacred moment… our lovely, gracious, and most Holy One. Oh Father… may the children listen as you call to them. Open their ears and draw them unto yourself. Help them to hear, as you call their name on your breeze.

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