Pilgrimage Of Prayer: What’s In A Name?

In the book of Genesis there is an intriguing story about a man who becomes a father. Sounds pretty ordinary at the onset and it is. This father, as all first-time fathers, has a heart full of glorious dreams for his child and for their future. Again, there is nothing new about this scenario. This event is played out around the world almost on a moment by moment basis. Babies are born and parents, all parents want the very best for their children so they hope and dream big. And why not, it is part of the excitement when a wee one is born. We wonder for 10 long months what type of person will the child turn out to be. What will they look like? Will the baby be a boy or a girl? Will this child have Aunties nose or Grandfathers strong chin? But this father surprises everyone when he announces his expectations and they are lofty, by way of a name. He named his newborn son, Noah and here’s where it gets interesting.
“Lamech said, “I’ll name him Noah because he will give us comfort, as we struggle hard to make a living on this land that the LORD has put under a curse” (Genesis 5:29).
Noah signifies rest… his father gave him that name, with a prospect of his being a more than ordinary blessing to his generation. Noah shall comfort us concerning our work and toil of our hands, because of the ground which the Lord hath cursed. Lamech’s expectation is that his newborn son will change the calamitous state of human life. With the entrance of sin into the world, even the very earth was touched by its evil presence and forever changed. Mankind was and is doomed to a life spent in hard labor and our time on earth is filled with continual toil from the moment of birth to deaths last breath.

Lamech speaks as one worn out from the business of this life and laments that so many thoughts and precious moments, which otherwise might have been much better employed, are unavoidably spent for the support of the body. With the birth of a son, his son and a name, Lamech anticipates he will finally reap some comfort and relief. Noah shall comfort us. This denotes not only the desire which parents generally have concerning their children that, when they grow up, they will be a comfort to them and helpers in their business, but an apprehension and prospect of something more. Since we know the rest of the story, this name did turn out to be prophetic because Noah did become a person who rescued humanity and preserved it by his obedience.
Noah typified Christ our Messiah that did come and by His coming, furnishes us with the best and surest comforts, both in reference to the wrath and the curse which we have rightly deserved. Are you in need of rescue?

I am praying for you this morning…

I don’t really understand why God led me to this scripture this morning nor why I should compare Noah’s life to Christ’s but you know… so I am praying for you…

This post is for you. It is not by accident that you landed on this blog today. You know who you are and why it is significant… What it all means and how it is touching you. I don’t need to know….

I am praying for you… You… today!

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