August 13, 2016

Prayer Casts

JORDAN from Prayer Casts

Jordan is categorized as a restricted nation, where Christians are persecuted or oppressed as a result of government policy, and a staggering 14 of the 21 people groups in Jordan have not heard the Gospel.

Even though it was one of the earliest mission fields and home to many New Testament churches, hostility and persecution of Christians is strong in Turkey. It is culturally accepted that to be a Turk, one must be Muslim, even if nominally so, and over 98 percent claim the faith. Muslim extremists, government intimidation, and family pressure discourage many from coming to Christ and there is a deep national resentment towards Christianity, making evangelism more difficult. Even in the midst of persecution, God still stands, and He is calling out to His people of Turkey to accept the love and peace that only comes from him

Even in the face of animosity, the gospel is being spread and interest for the Word of God is increasing. The most powerful witness has been the testimony of Christian Jews as they are able to minister to their lost brothers and sisters in ways that the rest of the world cannot. As house churches grow, God’s grace is empowering and encouraging the evangelical leaders to spread the good news that Messiah has come and is coming back soon.

Out of the ashes of death, new life is rising. Though many believers have fled the nation seeking safety, God continues drawing Syrians to Himself. Like the faith-filled New Testament church of Antioch before them, may today’s small and persecuted Syrian body of believers rediscover the zeal and faith of their fathers to cause Christ’s love and hope to be poured out on a nation in great turmoil.

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