Psalms 23


Jehovah, ever living; ever faithful; everlasting One, You are my companion; my Pastor; I shall never know need. I can trust you. You take me to spiritual realms of rest and nourish me with the Manna of heaven. You calm my fearful, quaking, and repentant heart with the effervescent refreshment of goodness, kindness, gentleness, peace, joy and strength given by Your Holy Spirit, who is within me. I can trust you. You restore my soul with resolve, leading me back to paths of holiness for the honor of Your name, to glorify You alone.  Even though I walk into imminent danger, under peril of death to chase the darkness, I will not be afraid, for You are with me, my Emanuel, the with-us God. I can trust you. I find immense comfort knowing that You, O’ Mighty One, are my protection and yet, You also direct and straighten my path; this journey of the cross. So I won’t look back, I can trust you. I will keep pressing ahead, to the prize set before me. For on that mountain You, LORD of hosts, prepare a feast for me and all people that have been sanctified and anointed by the Holy Spirit and the blood of the Lamb. Nothing can prevent this. It is going to happen and all will see. Oh, I am exceedingly blessed! The wonder of it, is so hard to believe. You are goodness. You are mercy. You are loving kindness and You pursue me all of the days of my life. In your presence, I will live forever.


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