Ramadan: Ahmed, My Son!

Bab' el yemen_2Ahmad watched for many days. He asked questions and watched…

“It’s strange to me, but I watch the way you love your family. It is good.  One day when I have a family,  I want my family to be like yours.  I want to be a father to my children in the same way you are a father to your your children.  I want to be a proper husband to my wife and love her with the same kinds of love you give to your wife.”Ahmed’s words are powerful and God has used his observations to demonstrate the love of Jesus’ for all people.

Socotran man wearing the traditional head scarf, Socotra Island, YemenOur friendship has deepened over the last five years, despite war and separation of several continents. Ahmed calls me Dad.  I still call Ahmed my son.  For He is.  Praise God for social media!  Thinking back, I can’t recall how many meals Ahmed shared with the family and the conversations we had which covered so many topics.  We also discussed many deep spiritual truths and during dinner on Good Friday one year, we shared the Passover story, of Jesus, God in flesh who left heaven and came to earth to become a sacrificial lamb to heal all shame and to return all mankind into a right relationship with Him.  God loved so much that He, Jesus left His glorious throne in heaven for Ahmed.  For now, this Truth is too deep for him.  Yet he continues metaphorically to return to the dinner table asking more and more questions.  Please pray that God, Jesus, Issa’ al Masih would draw Ahmed to Himself and satisfy the hunger of his soul.


“We are telling you the Good News: What God promised our ancestors has happened.  God has fulfilled the promise for us, their descendants, by bringing Jesus back to life.This is what Scripture says in the second psalm: ‘You are my Son. Today I have become your Father.’  “God stated that he brought Jesus back to life and that Jesus’ body never decayed. He said, ‘I will give you the enduring love promised to David.’”                                                      Act 13:32-34


“Thank you Holy Father for sending Christ Jesus, Issa’ al Masih, who embodies and is Enduring Love, living and active.  Enduring Love left heaven, dwelt among us in flesh, suffered and died so that resurrection would prove and provide living grace and faithful mercy.


  • Bab' el yemenWe pray for Muslims all around the world who are praying and fasting during Ramadan.  We pray that You will draw them to Yourself, touching them with Enduring Love.
  • We pray that You will open eyes and ears to hear to Your heavenly truth.


(This story is true but the names have been changed.)


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