Shake The Clouds

dry-ground18Do you ever feel like you are living in a desert with skin, throat, and eyes dry, parched and scratchy, yet longing for the fresh spring of oasis?

God can help. He calls you to Sabbath rest in His oasis. He has done it before….

You caused abundant rain to fall and restored your worn-out land; your people made their home there; in your goodness you provided for the poor (Psalms 68: 9-10).

God will shake the clouds or the heavens, and the abundant supplies for our needs will thus be poured out.

rain-storms-along-the-front-rangeGod will strengthen His people we they are exhausted, or when in danger of fainting. God sends abundance when we are in the pathless wilderness, and ready to perish.

Holy Father and Lord Jesus, I pray for those who are in need of your Sabbath rest. I pray for those who can barely lift their head to cry, “Help, Abba!” Shake Your clouds! Please send a deluge of holy effervescent, living water to heal Your people. Please send a deluge of holy rain to those who do not know You so that they will be restored. Please send rain in abundance on this parched and weary land. You are goodness and mercy looking for those who seek Your Name. Please find them today. Amen.


Desert Oasis



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