Six Sunni Muslims Came To Dinner

6 men eating6 Sunni Muslims came over for dinner and stayed to read scripture. After coffee, the group began to settle in the living room to read about one of the prophets from the Old Testament. A Follower of Isa’al Masiah passed out a bible in both Arabic and English for them to read along with. As he handed the bibles to one and then another, one of the men asked, “Do you have a bible in Italian?’. Two others asked for a bible in French, and yet, one asked for one in Arabic. The last three asked for English bibles.

This encounter displays how God has used trials and affliction to reveal and illuminate Muslims from every nation and every tribe of the rescue found only in Jesus Christ. Due to civil wars, the Arab Spring, and current economic crises, Sunni’s have been spread all over the world; Europe, the America’s, and Asia and through this dispersion, God in flesh, Isa’al Masiah is constantly seeking and searching for hearts drawn to Him.


“The LORD’S eyes scan the whole world to find those whose hearts are committed to him and to strengthen them (2 Chronicles 16: 9a).”


“I invite the whole world to turn to me and be saved. I alone am God! No others are real (Isaiah 45: 22).


Near-East-Bible-OM-Kathryn-Berry“God can strengthen you by the Good News and the message …about Jesus Christ. He can strengthen you by revealing the mystery that was kept in silence for a very long time, but now is publicly known. The everlasting God ordered that what the prophets wrote must be shown to the people of every nation to bring them to the obedience that is associated with faith (Romans 15: 25-26).”


Jesus, Messiah, bring people from all over your earth to Yourself. Teach them of You, especially during Ramadan while so many are seeking and searching. Amen

  • Pray that revival will breakout among the Sunni.
  • Pray that Sunni’s will experience the true transformation through Christ and will grow in the knowledge of God and His Word who is Isa al masih.

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