The Anthology of Advent

Advent-Candle-ColorsDuring the season of Advent, many of us find ourselves searching, perhaps; longing, I suppose; or better yet, waiting for the presence of Christ to be revealed in a deeper, more meaningful way. If you find yourself awakened to an insatiable desire to worship the living God in spirit and truth, this Anthology was written for you. The word Anthology was coined in the 1630’s for a collection of poems or epigrams and literally means flower gathering. Sometimes, our deepest longing is to experience the fragrant, intoxicating aroma of the bouquet and what better time than during Advent.

If you haven’t been seeking a meeting with the transcendent, living God, then it is evident that God has found you and into your ear He whispers as the fanning of a butterfly wing, “Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you” Ephesians 5: 14.

The Anthology of Advent has been taken from the fourth gospel. The book of John has been called the gospel of conversations. More so than the other three, it records the many conversations of individuals with the Master. These conversations were not just object lessons for the hearers, but a means towards spiritual awakening. Even during his addresses to the multitudes, he skillfully guided individuals with inquiries or comments toward the spiritual realm. God is spirit and we must learn to worship Him in spirit and truth and then in turn, He will transform us from a base and earth-bound existence into heaven-minded, luminous beings.

Azzura_Photography_07How ingenious were these conversations of Christ. How adapt He was at catching an illustration to interest the mind. He used fish and fishermen; bread and wine; sheep and shepherds; and even a water-pot for a text. So then, let us sit together with Mary at the Lords feet and experience this fragrant, intoxicating bouquet of Advent. Come Lord Jesus we await your presence.

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