The End Of Summer… New Beginnings

I saw the last lone firefly while walking after dusk last night. He was flashing alone, in the dark, either looking for a meal or a mate…. I don’t know for which he was searching… I’d like to think he was looking for a companion, but I guess in a bug’s world, the other bug could serve as both.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, Fall in the Northern Hemisphere begins tomorrow, September 22, 10:49 A.M. EDT, which seems only appropriate that on summer’s eve, we come full circle with Fireflies.

In June, as summer buds were first bursting forth intoxicating fragrance and color, friend bug Lampyridae, the shining one, or the little living lantern first appeared, I asked the question, would this be a summer of new beginnings because God was reaching out to you?

Did you reach back to Him… per chance to taste and see and experience the goodness of God (Psalms 34:8)? Psalms 119:103 also tells us that His promises are sweet… sweeter than honey.

If you didn’t, got busy, distracted… put it off for a rainy day… there are still places and things God would like to show you… things that will surprise and excite you. Places you have never been… things you have never seen… “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him” (1 Corinthians 2: 9).

Today on summers eve, the last day of summer, make it a glorious day. It’s not too late.

When summer’s end is nighing
  And skies at evening cloud,
I muse on change and fortune
  And all the feats I vowed
  When I was young and proud.

The weathercock at sunset
  Would lose the slanted ray,
And I would climb the beacon
  That looked to Wales away
  And saw the last of day.

From hill and cloud and heaven
  The hues of evening died;
Night welled through lane and hollow
  And hushed the countryside,
  But I had youth and pride.

And I with earth and nightfall
  In converse high would stand,
Late, till the west was ashen
  And darkness hard at hand,
  And the eye lost the land.

The year might age, and cloudy
  The lessening day might close,
But air of other summers
  Breathed from beyond the snows,
  And I had hope of those.

They came and were and are not
  And come no more anew;
And all the years and seasons
  That ever can ensue
  Must now be worse and few.

So here’s an end of roaming
  On eves when autumn nighs:
The ear too fondly listens
  For summer’s parting sighs,
  And then the heart replies.
A.E. Houseman

God is still here for you now. Let today be a day of new beginnings. God is a beacon of light and hope in a dark and dying world. He blinks… “I am”. “I am here”. “I am here for you”. “Come to me”. “I know your name”. “I know you”. “I long for you to know me”. “I AM”. “I AM”. “I am here”. “I am here for you!”

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