Thristing For God

As a deer pants for flowing streams, so my soul longs for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God (Psalms (42: 1-2).


Often, we sing this verse in praise… The tone is memorable of course, with a melody composed of placid cords, lilting crescendos and words that quicken the soul to worship…  It is one of my favorite songs.

While singing it, I have always imagined a doe standing aside a mountain stream, trickling gently along tiny stones, hidden among forest ferns and wild iris. But the writer had something far different in mind.


He was thinking “O’ mighty God, Elohim strong to save, I long for you as a parched, weary, and disquieted hind when she comes to a covered aqueduct conveying the living waters of some far-off spring. She scents the precious current in its bed of adamantine stone, hearing the rippling flow close beneath her feet, or, perchance, sees it deep down through one of the narrow air holes; agonizing and panting for the inaccessible draught of living water.”

O Elohim, strong to save, please give us a desire for You as that of the hind. Lead us to seek even the scent of Your living waters. Please give us the grace of Your favor and Your smile. We need more and more of you our holy and lovely, God. Let us hear Your still, small voice today.



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