What Are You Cooking For Iftar?

ramadan-breakfast-sinaiWhat are you cooking for Ramadan meal?

That question always makes Fatima uncomfortable. How should she answer her neighbors since she no longer cooks big Ramadan meals? Her discomfort with those conversations prompts the memory of the horror she felt on the day her new husband, Yusif told her he was a Follower of Isa al Masih. He had heard on the radio about Christ, God in flesh, who died for him on a cross so that he could have the assurance of heaven; eternal life.

aafke-eyesFatima was shocked and terrified to discover that she was married to an infidel! She only kept his dangerous secret to spare herself the shame! She also thought it might be a helpful bargaining chip should she ever need to “persuade” him to do something… but she never needed that chip. In fact, she noticed how lucky she was to be married to a Follower of Jesus. Unlike her friends’ husbands, Yusif never hit or beat her. Instead, he showed her much love. He asked for her opinion and respected her. He was honest in his business dealings and through his patient love, she came to know Christ. Fatima realized that only Christ could bring her ultimate cleansing; a holy purification that she did not have to work for, and yet, never achieve. Fatima knew for the first time in her adult life, as a woman, she was clean before God and would go to heaven with her husband. In Islam, she was always told that her fate was uncertain and that hell would be full of woman.

Pakistan RamadanNow she’s asking what would be the best way to share this love with her neighbors. If it became known they follow Christ, they could face death and their children could be taken away to be raised as Muslims. This month the daily question of what Fatima is cooking for Ramadan carries with it far-reaching consequences.

  • Please pray for Fatima and other Followers for God-given wisdom to answer the mundane, but complex questions about her new life in Christ during this holy month in Islam.
  • Pray that they will have a boldness to take God-led opportunities to share Christ with their family and friends.
  • Pray that Fatima and Yusif would have faith to believe that Christ is worth any consequence of following Him in this country.
  • Pray for others to believe and that other Followers of Isa al Masih will grow and mature.
  • Pray for those of us who have the freedom to share the love of Christ, but don’t.

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